MPG Calc
The main app that I develop is MPC Calc, an App to track and monitor your car's fuel efficiency. There are both free (Ad-Supported) and paid versions of the App.
Scan the code to the left with your Android powered device to find MPG Calc in the Android Market!

I am currently working on v2.0 of the app, which includes a completely redesigned layout as well as Standard Measurements. Making use of Jake Wharton's Action Bar Sherlock library, Action Bar support will be available on all devices! A separate layout for tablets is also in the works, as well as more graphs and information!

This App has been a great learning experience for me on Android.  I have also made a private App that uses Tapatalk's plugin for Phpbb forums to create a native Android app for a private web-fourms.

I also made a quick little app to test what colors a devices Notification LED are available and if they're available to the Notification API, the source code for said App is available on github. Note that this will not work will all devices, and for most devices you have to put the screen to sleep after setting the LED color active.

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